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Washed Fleece Locks (80g)

Raw Fleece Locks (80g)

Selected English Leicester locks carefully hand washed to maintain their natural colour, a creamy white.  These are great for spinning off the lock or for crafting. The long staple is user friendly and suited to many styles of yarn, including lace weight. The naturally glossy locks are perfect for doll hair, Santa beards, and felting.

English Leicester Raw Fleece Locks selected from the Windy Ridge Flock and offered for sale in its natural state. A high lustre fibre with beautiful natural creamy white shades. Average staple length 8-12 inches (20-30cms). Some might be shorter. English Leicester wool has a well defined crimp. This wool is ideally suited to spinners, weavers and for felting.

A pure English Leicester wool top, a semi-processed product professionally produced from Windy Ridge raw fleeces. The process requires that the wool be scoured (washed) and combed and sorted. The longer fibres resulting from the process are called tops, and are in a form  which is ready for spinning. Our stock of these tops is severely limited.



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We usually have a limited number of Raw Fleeces for sale. Typically fleeces weigh 4-8 Kgs, have a staple length 15-30 cms with a good lustre. Please contact using the adjacent form if you are seeking to buy a Raw Fleece




Wool Tops (80g)